Xerjoff Naxos EDP 100ml

Xerjoff Naxos EDP 100ml

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Naxos raises the flags of Sicily where the smoothness of citruses and the impregnable stone castles by azure Mediterranean landscape are the landmarks of an unique and ancient culture.

This scent is arguably the greatest tobacco scent ever. Light citrus and dark tobacco elements balance one another, comforting and rich but not too heavy. Sweet, creamy and fresh which is very difficult to achieve in perfumery.

Pure luxury for both male and females. This fragrance oozes class. A true masterpiece from Xerjoff. 

3 notes come to mind: Lavender, Honey, Cherry Tobacco

With top notes of Lavender, Bergamot, and a little lemon, it opens up sweet, zesty citrus, with lots of lavender.

As it dries down the lavender and citrus fade away, Introducing a warm, sweet and comforting heart of Honey and cinnamon. A touch of sweetness from the honey but not cloying in any sense, and luxurious unisex lavender giving it that interesting edge that other tobacco scents didn't even realise they were missing. You do also get a floral touch from the jasmine and a musky ambery quality from the Cashmeran.

The dry down is utterly gorgeous, The Tobacco leaves take centre stage and is the focal point of the base with the added tonka bean and vanilla base.

Overall, its A very well composed scent, warm, sweet, sophisticated, classy, the lavender in this is where the magic is at, also it's that differentiating element from the Mugler Pure Havane vibe. The freshness up top, the jasmine, which is so smooth, the rich honey, cinnamon sweetness which isn't cloying at all, the soft tobacco, all this put together make this scent very special.

Top Notes: Lavender, Lemon, Bergamot
Heart Notes: Cashmeran, Sambac Jasmine, Honey, Cinnamon
Base Notes: Tobacco Leaves, Tonka Bean, Vanilla